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The Easy Bay is not a particular place. It is not a movement, nor is it a state of mind we all should be so lucky to reach. There is no manifesto or grand pronouncement attached to the Easy Bay; no list of demands or unshakable principles by which we have chosen to operate. Instead, the Easy Bay is just a low-key tape label dreamed up over a handful of Skype conversations between Oakland, California and Morgantown, West Virginia.

A joint affair headed by writer/producer Glenn Jackson (who accounts for the Oakland side of the equation) and Dwight and Liz Pavlovic (who co-head the Crash Symbols label and Decoder Magazine from their home in Morgantown), the Easy Bay label is intended to be an outlet for fun and creative musical endeavors. Our focus will often lean towards the dancefloor and will likely land in the more funky, soulful side of the musical spectrum, but ultimately we hope Easy Bay will provide a space where artists can craft fun and breezy productions while also finding ways to be as weird as they want to be.